5" gauge SMJ 16 (Esdaile)



This page shows changes and repairs I've made to SMJ 16 after its test run weekend. The loco performed very well all weekend and was far more powerful than anybody expected. The safety valves were lifting a bit early and some of the new plastic pipes I'd fitted did leak and even come undone.

The prior work and test run are recorded here. In recognition of the builder this locomotive is now called "Esdaile" rather than SMJ 16. Name plates are in the pipeline.

This loco supports trains with vacuum brakes and needs a bum truck with a vacuum release valve. The bum truck is shown here.

Originally the loco ran on an elevated track. Some of the changes here are to cater for running on a ground level track.

The report was getting a bit long so I've split it into pages.


Last modified 2014-02-10