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Restoring the Railway Track

The start

2016 started out bad because Mum was in hospital and things didn't look good. Someone had to mind her dog and on my shifts I would take the dog to the property because it was one of the few places I could take him. I spent many days there clearing the track and repairing bits so the track would be usable.

Checking the locos

Once I'd deemed the track usable we began checking 3901. One of the pistons was out and had a broken ring. I made a replacement piston ring and we re-fitted the piston and made a few minor fixes before giving the loco a squeeze. All seemed fine so we steamed the loco and began the test runs.

Later we also checked 3601 and gave it a squeeze. Then we steamed it for a few test runs.

First party run

When things seemed okay we invited the ladies around for a party run. They weren't that enthused about the train ride but at least we tried. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of this run - the place was still a mess and my camera struggled in the dim light.

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