Banool Garden Railway


Voted best 134mm gauge railway in St Ives three years running.

Behind every good railway there is a team of energetic professionals constantly managing the administrative and marketing issues necessary to maintain such a successful venture. Here at Banool Garden Railway we've developed a comprehensive portfolio of standards and procedures to optimise our daily operation and provide the flexibility to adapt to the ever changing marketplace.

We are proudly a totally Australian owned and staffed enterprise dedicated to providing an accessible facility for the enjoyment of guests and visitors and especially the local community. To complement the outdoor railway we maintain indoor meeting and refreshment venues with communication facilities that can be provided by agreement.

Of course we always welcome new volunteers and have a wide variety of interesting tasks and projects available including gardening all year round and maintenance and repair of the track and bridges. Roles with more personal interaction involve deep and meaningful discussions with our bridge engineer who specialises in exploring all aspects of possible future work rather than actually doing anything. This is a perfect example of the non-discriminatory approaches of our human resources department. Naturally we do encourage staff and volunteers to transition to more productive and satisfying roles as opportunities arise.


Last modified 2023-01-27