The crate left Adelaide on Tuesday but transport appeared a little slow according to the tracking facility on the website. On Thursday I came home just in time to see a delivery truck arrive. This was much sooner than expected. The truck had a tail lift and I checked the crate to make sure it contained a lathe before the driver unloaded it. This was quick and simple and I jacked the crate so I could put it on my trolley.

Here is the crate on the custom trolley. The original trolley was a Bunnings special but after trying to make it more suitable I built the wooden version and used just the wheels. The long handles and swiveling castor make it easier to lift this end and manoeuvre the trolley.

After some back straining and lots of grunting the trolley is in the garage. This is how the lathe was received. Assembly looks minimal and it was tempting to fit the handles and run the lathe. But I had promised myself to dismantle the lathe and clean and check everything. This probably voids any warranty but I doubt there is any anyway. Also I have to make a bench and install my new toy.

Henry is our local watchdog and he dropped in today to oversee the delivery and offer constructive criticism. He is a bit pooped after observing the proceedings but is happy so I must be on the right track. Things are looking good.

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